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Infrared heaters are widely used for heating. It radiates warmth on a heated surface with reflective shield. Radiant heaters are available in configuration and sizes.

Infrared heaters usually consist of the protective sheath that covers the heating elements. These heaters are available with infrared many choices of material of the sheath. The material of the sheath used in the popular infrared radiators are aluminum, brass, copper, iron, nickel, steel and stainless steel.


Heaters that are commonly used are the following:

* Metal-sheathed tubular heaters

* Quartz tubes

* In gas catalytic

* Flat-front panels

* Ceramic Heaters


Features common in heaters are:

* Cooling Options

* Resistance to corrosion

* Explosion proof enclosure

* The internal temperature detectors

* Housing

* Available with different types of insulation materials

Certain characteristics are essential whenever we talk about heaters. They are:

* Utmost sheath temperature

* Maximum AC voltage

* Energy capacity (watt)

* Maximal power density

* Heater sheath material

* Maximum Sheath Temperature


The infrared heating is an ideal source for heating. I t is economical because it consumes less electricity and save your bill. It is designed so that it provide a source of clean energy and heat efficient.

The infrared heating heats the object rather than air. This does not mean it does not heat your surrounding at all.

As the costs of operation and installation is fairly low, it is hot favorite. Because he is a vent free unit. The heater does not require a chimney or ventilation. The most important thing this water heater is that it requires low maintenance cost.

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