Electric Heaters – Which Type Where?

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Because over half of a household's energy bill is regularly spent on heating and cooling, it's important to do your homework before choosing a heating system for your home. The most common type of heater uses electricity to generate heat, and there are countless benefits to using an electric heater. Primarily, electricity is available anywhere, and when used intermittently, an electric heater can actually save you money on your electric bill by supplementing your existing heating system. These types of heaters can also provide high performance with minimum maintenance. Electric heaters are oftentimes categorized by style, and the style you choose will depend on the area you are heating. Here is a quick overview on the most common electric heater styles:

Portable Space Heaters: These types of heaters are portable and designed to heat small areas or specific rooms, and many households use portable space heaters to supplement their existing heating systems in order to conserve energy. The most popular types of space heaters are fan-forced or oil-filled.

Garage Heaters: Garages and workshops are not as insulated as our homes, and regular electric space heaters do not provide enough heat to sufficiently warm these types of areas. Garage heaters provide high output heat and blasts of warm air directly onto the body, and many can be mounted to your garage wall or ceiling.

Baseboard Heaters: Perfect for bedrooms and hallways, these types of heaters use electric resistance to warm the air that passes through it and pulls colder air into the bottom. These are often popular because they are low profile, safe, and easy to install.

Infrared Heaters: These types of heaters are versatile and perfect for both home and workplace use. Infrared technology is silent and does not use as much energy as conventional convection or fan heaters, as infrared heaters transfer heat directly to people and objects, and not to the rest of the room.

Oil-Filled Heaters: These types of heaters warm up a special heat-conserving oil and radiate this heat into a personal space or room. Because the oil is never burned, these types of heaters are extremely safe and efficient.

Fireplace Heaters: Traditional fireplaces can be a fire hazard, but electric fireplace heaters are a great alternative, and add decorative, efficient heat. Because they use electricity, they are much safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces, and are perfect for living rooms or bedrooms.


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